May 10, 2023
Mint Mobile vs Visible Wireless: Which is the king of cheap prepaid carriers?

When it comes to cheap, affordable prepaid phone plans, two companies really stand out right now – Mint Mobile (opens in a new tab) and visible wireless network (opens in a new tab). These two low-cost mobile carriers often vie monthly in our guide to the best prepaid phone plans, but we can’t help but compare the two head-to-head – after all, we love a good versus here at TechRadar.

So of these two excellent prepaid carriers, that is the the best at the moment, considering factors such as value, speed and benefits? This sounds like a fairly easy comparison, but you’d be surprised how different these two carriers are. We put these two companies in a head-to-head battle, starting with how much these plans will set you back each month. We then take a look at what you’ll get for your hard-earned money, after which comes the final verdict.

Two excellent prepaid plans

Scope and prices

More Details

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